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24.10.2021 21:12
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Autor : Lea Miklúšková, ZŠ s MŠ Hladovka

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Lottie Wright 

Hi, my name is Lottie. I’m seventeen years old. My father died when I was fourteen. I have two siblings – older sister and older step bro. I’m studying at medical school. I have part time job. I work in the Billa. I like dancing. I am a very good cook, I used to do lunches for kids who asked me. I have green eyes and brown hair. I have same birth mark as my sister. I was born colour blind. My grandmother is from France. My father gave me this necklace, before he died. My favourite subject is chemistry. I am quiet, friendly and maybe for this reason I haven’t got that much friend. Would you be my friend?