A visit from Australian Embassy

26.06.2023 19:24
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Autor : Sophia Novosádová, Gymnázium Ivana Kupca, Komenského, Hlohovec

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On April 4th there was a presentation about Australia which took place in our school with two other bilingual classes with Nada M. and Britanny C. who are work for the Australian embassy in Vienna. We had a chance to learn many new things about Australia and also had some fun activities.

They told us some interesting facts about Australia - most animals can kill you but most of them do not want to. There are warning signs concerning this everywhere.

Next fact is that Australia is one of the most multicultural societies in the world. High percentage of immigrants come there from other countries, for example: India, China, Pakistan, New Zealand…

Weather there is “upside down” when we compare it to our own. When we have summer they have winter.

Australia also has myths. It is said that snakes are the most dangerous animals, it is not quite like that - based on a research kangaroos are. People are often mistaken that it is always hot and sunny in Australia which is not true even though there are 10 000 beaches there. Also Alps where it is snowing. One last myth is that people think that Sydney is the capital city of Australia which is false because the capital is Canberra.

They also told us in the end about their accent, slang, that they shorten words and about benefits of studying in Australia. This presentation gave us a new knowledge and we would like to thank them for that.