Denmark is a country where everyone is happy and bad weather never leaves.

13.12.2022 19:57
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Autor : Alessandro Iacopino, Gymnázium Ivana Kupca, Komenského, Hlohovec

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That’s what I would have responded if you had asked me anything about Denmark before my trip.

Now I can proudly say that that was the truth. Jokes aside, Denmark is a beautiful country with a very rich history, stunning seas and countless other wonders.

Of course, although gorgeous, the main goal of my journey to this Northern country wasn’t to discover its natural wonders, but to learn as much as possible about the Danish common life in my limited time there.

And I can surprisingly say that I fell in love with that country. I was amazed by the kindness of the people there.

The schools? They exceeded every expectation that I had about them. I was shocked when I saw the children’s yearning for knowledge and experience. We were speechless when we saw their labs. The music classroom in the elementary school was so well equipped that I was tempted to just sit there and play the guitar the whole day. I can’t even describe my feelings I saw a school with their own observatory.

Not only that, but every teacher that I met was friendly enough to take time of their busy schedules to have a conversation with me. Thanks to that I got to know the devotion that these people have for their jobs as a guide for the children. I confirmed that when me and my fellow students were able to join some of the lessons. It was spectacular. And let’s not talk about the English level of the kids.

I was totally blown away when I discovered that I could have a meaningful conversation in English with a fifth grader.

These were just a few of the amazing things I got to see.

I know that maybe you find this article annoying so I will make it short, during those 5 days I fell in love with Denmark.