The cruel reaper

27.06.2022 17:41

Autor : Alessandro Iacopino, Gymnázium Ivana Kupca, Komenského, Hlohovec

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Knock,knock,who is there?

It’s your worst nightmare.

I can find you in your dreams,

I can hear all of your screams.

I can feel your flowing blood,

And how much time to live you’ve got.

You’re not asleep, you’re not awake,

This is not real but it’s not fake.

You can try to run away,

I’ll make sure you won’t escape

Leave all hope I’d recommend,

your goodbye I hope you sent.

Hide yourself while you have time,

I will wait and count ‚till nine.

After that I’ll give a sign,

And when I find you you’ll be mine.

A limbo that will never end,

an injury that will never mend,

a living lie full of torment,

a fate that no one can prevent.

You might be asking who am I,

You won’t find out while you’re alive