27.06.2022 17:35

Autor : Karin Sýkorová, Gymnázium Ivana Kupca, Komenského, Hlohovec

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Frog a tiny animal,

they like stuff that´s natural.

Tiny legs and big black eyes,

would you judge them for their size?

Eat them?! What? Oh god please no!

they are than so sad you know.

It´s truly an awful crime,

when they cook away their pride.

Normal people, they love frogs,

ah yes, they are really pog.

Small friend for your mental health,

they will give you back your strength.

Tiny frogs like tiny insects,

would you kiss them to become a princess?

Live like true frog royality,

i wish that was reality.

My frog’s name is Damian,

isn’t he an alien?

Empty eyes but lovely look,

like if he was from a book.

Frogs these tiny animals,

don’t worry, they arent cannibals.

Best of friend untill the end,

what a great time to spend.