Môj ideál

24.10.2021 21:12
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Autor : Júlia Valková, ZŠ s MŠ Hladovka

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Our ideal person

For us, an ideal person is someone who shares our interests and hobbies, has similar humour or is just a kind person in general. Bravery and honesty are also some really good personality traits. The most important thing is definitely kindness. Kindness can be seen as a lot of different things, it is more than just ´´being nice´´. It’s an act of love. Be kind to someone is a very hard thing to do sometimes. The next main personality trail is definitely to be loyal and respectful. Another word for loyalty could be faithfulness. This could be your friend, partner or anyone you like spending time with. When someone is being respectful, they are showing consideration for someone. For example: respect is the most basic thing you can give to someone, like opening the door for an elderly lady or greeting a teacher in a respectful way. We personally think that you should give respect to everyone who deserve it. A lot of people tend to say they, don’t care´´ about how they look like, which is almost always a lie. We think that you have to be at least a little bit attractive to them. We, for example, find brown eyes and hair very attractive. A tiny bit od muscle is always needed, but not too much. Tattoos are very attractive too. We all have our preferences, but that’s what make this whole world so MAGICAL.