Imagine your are a journalist - How did you study at home during COVID 19 ?

23.06.2021 13:23
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Autor : Veronika Krsnik, ZŠ Nová Dedinka

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We had many online classes. We had most of our classes on Zoom, but we didn't have any on Google Meet. Sometimes we had problems with wifi. Some students didn't know how to use their cameras. Others had problems with their mics.

Teachers sent us a lot of materials. Some of them were boring. We didn't get any smarter. We became very lazy. Sometimes we had to use our books. We used pens to write in our notebooks. Sometimes we had to use our PC. We used color pencils on art class.

The good thing was we could sleep in. The other good thing was we could stay in bed all day. Some students were even eating during lessons. The result was dirty rooms. After our lessons, we had some cleaning to do.

The best part was daydreaming about going back to school. So the conclusion is we are very happy to be back at school.

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