Mouse, the magician

23.06.2021 13:00
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Autor : Andrea Vargová, ZŠ Nová Dedinka

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The students of the class 1.B practices a short theater called Mouse, the magician. But untill the „training“ time of dialogues, it was preceded by preparation of masks, props.

Very important thing was also the preparation of the poster about the theater. This part was made by teacher Berešiková together with the students.

They were familiar with the function of the poster, what must it contain. This was the first step. The poster was used also in the theater.

The second step was the rehearsing of the theater. This part took place under the leadership of teacher Vargová.

The theatrical play also dealt with interpersonal relationships, it was about friendship.

I believe that the students were very happy when they were creating props as well as playing the theater itself.

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