Little women – Louisa May Alcott

28.03.2023 18:17
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Autor : Martina Černá, Gymnázium Ivana Kupca, Komenského, Hlohovec

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Louisa May Alcott´s story of four young women is set in the 1860s in a New England town modelled on Concord, and is mainly focused on the characters and their different issues and joys that they have to face through their lives. Over the century and half since the novel was published, it has grown into a cherished book for girls but also boys. Readers as diverse as J.K Rowling or Theodore Roosevelt marked it as favourite.

Four girls begin the story as teenagers and mature through a variety of experiences to enter adulthood. Meg is the oldest of the March sisters, she is simple, responsible, and interested on the luxurious things in life. Jo shares her deepest desire-that she was a boy so she could dress like one. Beth is happy in her own little world, but wishes to get better at playing the piano every day. And the most important person-at least in her own eyes, Amy wishes to be a perfect lady, have even more perfect nose and even better wardrobe. The whole plot circles around each of theirs lives.

I think that the most beautiful thing about this classic work is, that it contains a powerful message to young women, that they do not have to marry in order to achieve success. I also really like the fact that most of the way through the story, the sisters are striving to better themselves. They are quite poor, but manage to be happy with what they have and still live their lives to the fullest.

For anyone who enjoyed Greta Gerwig’s “Little Women” film, I would whole-heartedly recommend reading the book. I enjoyed every page. This is the perfect bedtime read as the author´s writing paints an incredibly vivid picture. I often found myself reading for far longer than I intended. The characters were all well written and the language used was beautiful, it was an all-around stunning book.