04.04.2022 19:51
Kultúra a umenie

Autor : Nikolett Patalášová, Gymnázium Ivana Kupca, Komenského, Hlohovec

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He was one of the three main pigs after Old Major´s death.

Snowball was a more vivacious pig than Napoleon, quicker in speech and more inventive, but was not considered to have the same depth of character. He was a very good leader with a lot of ideas. Snowball cared about other animals on the farm and how they live. He wanted to change the misery and slavery to equality and love.

Snowball invented Seven Commandments so that the animals could better understand the principles of Animalism, which he painted on the barn wall. For those less intelligent animals, he simplified them to just one commandment: „Four legs good, two legs bad.“

Snowball also bruised himself with organising the other animals into what he called Animal Committees. He formed the Egg Production Committee for the hens, the Clean Tails League for the cows,... The most successful were Reading and Writing Committees. Other ones were failure, but by the autumn almost every animal on the farm was literate in some degree.

Snowball had studied an old book of Julius Caesar´s campaigns so he was in charge of the defensive operations and gave his orders quickly in the Battle of the Cowshed in which he showed his courage. After the Battle of the Cowshed, Snowball got another good idea to build a windmill to produce electricity, but after his disagreement with Napoleon, he was expelled by Napoleon´s dogs.