A Wolf and A Rabbit

28.03.2023 18:17

Autor : Katarína Moravčíková, Gymnázium Ivana Kupca, Komenského, Hlohovec

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On one Saturday, a rabbit named Judy woke up to a sunny morning. She woke up very happy because she was going to meet her old friend today. Judy got dressed up and headed to the shopping centre to buy some ingredients for the dinner. On a halfway there, she realised she forgot her wallet so she was running back for it.

While running, she got a call from her friend. Judy picked it up and said: „Yes, hello?“ Her friend with a cough was saying: „Hi Judy, I'm sorry, but I can't come today, I woke up really sick.“ Judy felt a little sad because she was really excited about the dinner but she understood the situation. She wished her to get well soon and hung up the phone. As she was still running, she bumped up into someone. Judy apologised and looked up to the person´s face and realised who it was. The big wolf who was bullying her, Arnold.

She started shaking, apologised again and started to run again. „Wait!“ Arnold shouted. Judy stopped with hesitation and was waiting what will happen next. „Are you free this evening?“ Arnold said. Judy had a bad feeling about this but she was curious what this all, could lead to. „Yes, why?“ Judy answered. „Let me take you somewhere for a dinner and explain this all to you, I will pay everything.

They met again, in a fancy restaurant. Judy was amused, because she wasn't in one ever before. „I'm sorry I was bullying you.“ He broke the silence. „The truth behind it all is that, I was jealous.“ Judy was surprised when she heard it but kept listening. „You had much better grades, clothes, friends and a lot more. I grew up and regretted it, I'm really sorry. Arnold said quietly. Judy replied after a while: „I forgive you, I understand your situation. Let's forget about the past and enjoy this restaurant!“ She said with a big smile.

One year later, and that day changed everything. They enjoyed the night, became friends and exchanged each other's phone numbers. As the time passed, Judy saw what a good person he is. Slowly they became best friends, too, they were going shopping often or just hanging out. Both of them were glad, they met that day.