Time Travelling Machine

13.12.2022 19:57
Veda a Technika

Autor : Alex Fano, Gymnázium Ivana Kupca, Komenského, Hlohovec

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In the 18th century somewhere in the space there was a scientist called Mr. Fernandes. He was trying to build a time travelling machine his whole life. It was his only dream. Why did he want to build the time machine? Because he wanted to meet his best friend who died doing experiments.

He had been trying to create a time machine for the last 30 years. The time machine was so complicated that it consisted of everything. Finally, he succeeded. He was so happy that he almost broke the machine when he was trying to connect an electricity cable. Then it was time to try it.

He was so afraid that he put his cat into the test first. She was going to be the first time traveller. Mr. Fernandes turned on the machine, it was making a lot of noise, but the cat teleported away. She disappeared. Then it was his turn. He sat on the chair inside the machine, closed his eyes, pushed the button and teleported himself.

He vanished. It was so dark and silent. But then after 5 minutes Mr. Fernandes was where he wanted to be. A small village with big houses and beautiful nature. But he had a little problem because he didn’t know which house was his friends’. So he started searching for the laboratory by knocking on every door. Finally, after a few tiring hours he found a big laboratory station.

Mr.Fernandes went inside to find his friend but it was huge. There were so many labs and he had to find the right one. So he decided to search again but he didn’t find what he wanted. Right before Mr. Fernandes wanted to give up he saw a big sign “Dr. Malcolms Lab”. He rushed in and there was his friend doing experiments.

They finally saw each other after 30 years. They were very happy to see each other and tried a couple of experiments. But then it was time to leave. Mr. Fernandes sat down in the chair, said the magic words and teleported back home. He was very happy at home, but he also missed his best friend then the bell rang and the fairy tale was over.