A Story

13.12.2022 19:32

Autor : Naďa Gažovičová, Gymnázium Ivana Kupca, Komenského, Hlohovec

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George was going for a walk when suddenly he heard woman’s screams. He ran to that direction and there she was; a young beautiful woman tied to a railway. The sound of the rushing train pulled him out of his shock and he sprinted to save her.

Once she was safe, he looked at her, concern in his eyes. “Are you okay?” he asked. A small thankful smile was what he got in response. They were still holding eye contact and they both couldn’t help but feel the spark between them. So they decided to go on a date.

Time had passed, their love for one another had grown and the day they met had become a valuable memory. They’d gone on trips together, seen many plays in theatre and even gotten to know each other’s families They both enjoyed the other’s company and wanted it to stay like that forever.

The day of their wedding was probably the most exciting day of their lives. Thanks to the beautiful decorations of the place a magical energy filled the room. George’s heart was overflowing with happiness as his beautiful bride walked down the aisle. The day was perfect.

Few days after their wedding they moved together. That was when it started to get complicated. George was always watching TV and wanted his wife to do the work around the house and leave him alone. “ You can’t just lay in front of the TV all day!” she scolded him.

But he wasn’t used to doing the houswork. And he certainly didn’t want it to change. He got so annoyed with her that one day he made a drastic decision. “What would you say, if we had a little trip to the place we first met? Wouldn’t it be romantic?” he asked her. Little did she know, his plan was everything but romantic. When they got there, he grabbed her and tied her to the railway!