The Heart in the Sand

13.12.2022 18:59

Autor : Hana Vyskočová, Gymnázium Ivana Kupca, Komenského, Hlohovec

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Thinking back, it´s all still very clear in my mind.

”Do you want something to drink?” she asked.

“I’d like a cup of tea, thanks” I answered politely

. “Anyways, what’s ur ig?”.

“Hmmm, BiancaJacobs14”.

I’ve known Bianca since preschool, but I never really got to talk to her. Last week, we met at the coffee shop, and I decided to finally speak up. We’ve been meeting up since then, and she finally asked me to come over. You’d never guess how private and mysterious someone can be. I guess that’s what was attractive about her. By that, I don’t mean to give you the wrong impression. She would always wear only black elegant outfits with her ginger hair slicked back. Her green eyes were mesmerizing as they lightened up on the look of the beach sunset. That’s the place she’d always told me about.

“You have a lot of pictures, for somebody, who hates any kind of attention”. I hear loud noise of a kettle coming from the kitchen.

“Sometimes, things aren’t what they seem to be.” I don’t respond and look through the highlights on her Instagram curiously. A collection named „heart in the sand“ pops up.

“Do you want sugar or honey?” - “Hm?” - “To the tea, I mean”. I skip through the highlight and see the pictures of Bianca and a boy lying beside a heart drawn in the sand.

“What's this highlight about?” I ask.

“Just my ex, it’s nothing to worry about, I forgot to delete it.” As I look through the pictures, something spots my attention. At first, I thought I wasn’t seeing right. At that moment, she comes behind me with the tea she made.

“Is something wrong?”. I think anybody could understand what a shock it was for me, seeing her lyiing next to the heart in the sand. But this time with a real human heart. As she slowly reaches from behind me to put the cup on the coffee table, I can feel her warm breath on my neck. My heart starts racing. It’s almost like she can feel it, from the smirk appearing on her face.

“No, I’m just excited to be here.” Suddenly, I remember that my father always told me to bring a pocket knife.

“Well, you should be honored to be here, I don’t usually let people here.” I put my hand on the pocket where the knife is.

“Of course, I am.” I can feel her eyes burning a hole into my skin.

“Are you sure you’re feeling okay? Your heart is beating really fast.”

All of a sudden, her hand lands on my chest. And second later she starts to wrap it around my neck. That’s the moment I pick the knife and stab it into her heart. There’s a moment when everything stops. You’d think I called the police and explained them everything. Instead, I walked to the beach with her heart in my hands. I laid down next to it and took a picture.

“Why did you react this way?”

“She thought she was crazy, so I showed her she was crazier”

I can hear the news from my cell about a murder in our town, I hope my mom sees me on tv.