9.A rýmuje v angličtine

09.05.2019 08:39

Autor : Martina Hlinická, ZŠ s MŠ Komenského, Dolný Kubín

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Roses are red, violets are blue,

I need to learn English, so do you.

Our teacher is the best, when she cancels upcoming test,

she is nice and we need to appreciate that,

because sometimes we are acting very bad.

But well, we need to go,

so goodbye and see you later.

So come with us and let our study skills grow greater.            

by Terézia Záhorová     9.A


Roses grow red, sun shines like a gold,

I lie in my bed, because I´ve got a cold.

Everyone knows, it is a real truth,

Voldemort hasn´t got a nose and I lost my milk tooth.

When I fell asleep, I heard a strange noise,

I saw a black sheep and two little boys.

They were my brothers, they made me a tea.

I had a shock, cause into my room flew a bee.

Suddenly I woke up,

I smelt a really bad smoke.

Somebody said: "Hurry up!"

It was a dream, only a joke.                     

Anonymous      9.A


I bought some chips for later,

then I put them on the table.

I had a little drink, t

hen I heard someone sing.

It was just my mother,

and I saw her giving my chips to someone other.

I was angry and hungry,

and I told her that I bought them for my money.

Then she brought the other chips,

and  I had smiley lips.                                          

by Zuzana Polčicová 9.A

How to write a poem

I want to write a poem,

but no one taught me how.

All my ideas were stolen, who knows,

what can I do now?

I can learn to write one,

or perhaps I can draw?

You can never understand it,

but it could be fun.

Nothing I think of makes sense,

no rhymes at the end of sentence.

I fought with it and lost my time,

but then I looked and saw,

that I know how to rhyme.                       

by Veronika Svitková   9.A